• Artist: Erica Wagner
  • Medium: Mixed media collage on paper
  • Artwork size unframed (mm): 350 x 260
  • Price: NFS

During COVID I’ve been working on images for a possible picture book with author Johanna Bell. The text is a poem, entitled ‘Hope is the Thing’, riffing on Emily Dickinson’s famous ‘”Hope” is the Thing with Feathers’. This image is in response to Johanna’s lines ‘Hope is an Albratross/Taking Off’.

I did a lot of drawing from videos of albatrosses in flight, pausing and sketching particularly evocative poses. In the cold of the winter lockdown last year (and now this year again) this image has particular emotional resonance for me. I created a lot of lino cuts and mono prints which I used as collage materials as well as discarded pieces of torn up old artwork. Repurposing rejected pieces is a satisfying creative process that helps me generate new ideas.