Laughing Clowns

  • Artist: Tessa Wallis
  • Medium: Glazed and underglazed porcelain
  • Artwork size unframed (mm): 380 x 520
  • Price: $1,200.00

Inspiration is sometimes hard to find in Covid lockdown, but happy memories can fill the gap. I was inspired to make these clowns after an unforgettable night in Paris at a restaurant decorated with colourful tiles of circus performers as well as busts and masks of clowns and comedians, including Bob Hope. Although the two “Laughing Clowns” have big smiles, it is hard to judge their true feelings. Many of us can relate to going a bit crazy in response to Covid outbreaks, limited travel and restrictions on visiting family and friends.
“Laughing Clowns” is my attempt to show how the pandemic has made laughter difficult.
This work is completely hand built and hand painted from porcelain. No moulds were used or made.