Annee Kelly


About the Artist

Annee is passionate about art and paints in acrylic, pastel and watercolour but the latter remains her favourite medium. She has been painting professionally since 1983, winning countless awards, participating in numerous group exhibitions in addition to fifteen successful solo exhibitions.

Annee loves painting en plein air, inspired by the play of light on her chosen subjects. She is also currently using her artwork as a vehicle for social commentary. She paints in a fluid and confident style, holds a strong sense of composition and sound draftsmanship and will tackle a wide variety of subject matter.

Annee has also conducted nine annual European Workshops, predominately in France and Italy. She is a popular and sought after tutor and is frequently invited to demonstrate or conduct painting workshops in various art societies and fine art schools. She is represented in renowned galleries around metropolitan and country Victoria as well as in NSW. She has also participated in overseas exhibitions in Canada, China (twice), the United Kingdom, Italy and Greece.

“Painting is an integral part of my life and a wonderful journey which has allowed me to see so many beautiful places and meet with amazing people, whilst broadening my artistic knowledge by the countless visits made to renowned and lesser known galleries, enabling me to pass on this knowledge to others”.


Happy to be informed this afternoon that my large acrylic,1200cmx2000cm painted on stretched canvas as a diptych (for ease of transportation) and entitled “Serenity “, has been shortlisted for the Eastbourne Art Prize Exhibition and will be exhibited at the Victorian Artists Society Galleries, 15-19 March.