Annemarie Szeleczky

QUALIFICATIONS:        Dip.of Painting CIT,TTTC., Grad. Diploma in Curriculum, Melbourne University

Grad. Diploma in AnimationVCA

Masters of Arts RMIT

TITLES:                                 Artist, Teacher and Animator

Tutoring 67-‘96 Swinburne University,Tafe Colleges, Bayside Art Societies and Tech.Schools.

Solo Exhibitions       Between 1984 – 2017 Twelve solo exhibitions in Melbourne Galleries.

Leveson Gallery,Caulfield Art Comples, The Womens Gallery, Lyceum  Club and Glen Eira City Council Gallery.

Group Exhibitions:           1964- 2015 Exhibited in Melbourne and Regional Galleries. Victorian                    Artists Society,Argus Gallery, Roar Studios, The Women’s Gallery, Linden, Melbourne

lmmigration Museum, Castlemaine and Mornington Peninsula Galleries


Atom Student film 1998

‘Bombard’ Amnesty International Biaf.

Screenings  1997 – 2017 Film festivals in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, London, Istambul, Latvia, South Korea and Glen Eira City Council Gallery.


150 Women Artists,1985


Dictionary of Australian Women Artists (Max Germaine)

‘Lost and Found’ lmmigration Museum 2001

RMIT Orientation Handbook 2003

The Woman’s Art Register – Bulletin 48. Winter 2010 

Crits. And Publications

1985 Robert Rooney, The Australian

1985 Gary Catalano, The Age. Melbourne

2007 Penny Webb,The Age. Melbourne

Guelda Pyke. The Women’s Art Register Bulletin1995

Research Project MA, AIM RMIT University 2004

Art practice Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Collage and Assemblage. Also make animated films since 1997.

Exhibition in September 13-30th 2017, called Toxic Beauty with Animated film Antrophy.

This exhibition illustrates what is happening both on land and deep within the ocean polluting matter that exists. Whether it is natural or man-made, with the images depicted I wish to bring to light the damage that may look beautiful, but is deadly for sea creatures and humans alike.