NEW WORKS an exhibition by Beatrice Magalotti

Beatrice Magalotti and Sharyn Madder are sharing G3 Space at Red Gallery with their latest exhibition New Works

Exhibition Dates: 02 May – 20 May 2018

Red Gallery, 157 St. Georges Road, Fitzroy North.

Beatrice Magalotti – Artist Statement

I am a Melbourne based artist working in sculpture and photography, both disciplines working in unison with each other.

My Influences are from nature and the built environment resulting in a playful and eclectic art practice.

I embrace a wide range of different media in my sculptural work. My methods are diverse. For example the use of a domestic skill such as crochet to create a bronze sculpture, the making of ceramic pieces using traditional methods, embroidering on flywire.

I use what I have on hand and source other techniques and materials to enhance my pieces. I work in a methodical manner, deconstructing and reconstructing and refining until the pieces sits comfortably in its own space. I also use photography to address similar themes to those in my sculpture, using a number of printing methods from laser etching to salt printing. I am constantly developing and redefining my work, picking up numbers of threads to create a whole.