Sculpere Newsletter March 2020

Extract from the President: Gillian Govan

Hi All
Well this is a very difficult time for us all and it has been very disappointingthat all the exhibitions and opportunities have been cancelled. But we do have one thing to be grateful for and that is that we are creative. There is always something we can do. We may need a bit of
encouragement at times and inspiration but we can keep occupied.

It has been a tough beginning for 2020. Australia has endured fire, flood and coronavirus – and this is March. We are also sad to acknowledge the passing of sculptors who made significant contributions to art and to the ASV. In future editions we may be able to give an overview of their works – in the mean time we extend condolences to bereaved family and friends.
5 March 2020
21 December 1934 – 3 March 2020
The Association of Sculptors of Victoria pays tribute to its long standing
member, Leo Mimovich. She was a respected, full-time, professional sculptor who made many significant commissions and was a regular exhibitor for many years.

Sculpere can be read here:

Ernst Fries, Pre Harvest Joy 176x90x8cm stainless steel & glass