111th Annual Exhibition 2020 Judge: Amanda Hyatt

MSWPS is pleased to announce that Amanda Hyatt has accepted the invitation to Judge the 111th Annual Exhibition.
Amanda is a tonal impressionist Alla Prima watercolourist, making every brushstroke matter, who also paints in oils. She believes that light and atmosphere are the key essentials for her art and doesn’t rely on colour.
She uses a reduced, more muted colour palette and makes tone ‘do all the work’ rather than letting ‘colour get all the glory’.
She has been described as a ‘Master Artist’ (Director of the Dalian Art Gallery,
China), one of the ‘top seven en plein air Masters’ (L’Art de L’Aquarelle) and “is now considered to be one of the most exciting and ground-breaking watercolour artists in the world” (APV Films 2019).


1971-1974. Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry and quantum
mechanics, BSc Hons.
1975. Dip Ed.
1971-1973. Fine art under Richard Crichton RMIT and CIT (part time).
1976-1983. Secondary Science/Maths Teacher Education Dept.
1986-present. Professional Artist.
Over 200 group exhibitions and 37 Solo exhibitions including New York,
Dalian, Shenzhen, Shanghai (China) and Taipei (Taiwan).
Member Australian Watercolour Institute (28 years), Watercolour Society of
Victoria and Member of Twenty Melbourne Painters Society (28 years).
Signatory member Victorian Artists Society.
Workshops given: Over 400 both nationally and internationally including UK, Ireland, France, Italy,
Greece, Portugal, Antarctica, New Zealand. Art show judge (including Camberwell 2019).
UK, USA, Italy, Australia, NZ. Portrait (Sir Malcolm McIntosh) Head Office CSIRO Canberra. Chiefs of
CSIRO Portraits (William Snowden, Martin Jeggo, Mike Rickard) permanent collection Australian Centre
for Disease Preparedness (ACDP) Geelong.
30 articles The Australian Artist and International Artist. 15 articles The Artist UK. 3 articles L’Art de
L’Aquarelle France. Book “Watercolour: Tonal Impressionism”. Flashart USA. 4 APV Films UK. CDC
Atlanta (USA) publication “Emerging Infectious Diseases” (cover).
Amanda has won over 100 awards including 47 first prizes such as: The Camberwell Gold Medal 1992
(Judged by Sir William Dargie), 8 additional Camberwell Section Awards and 3 time finalist for Travel
Grant. The AME Bale Watercolour Award 1992. The VAS Gordon Moffat Award 2008. The VAS Artist Of
The Year 2009. The Kenneth Jack Award 2012. Inaugural Contemporary Art Prize VAS 2014.
Further details and contact: https://amandahyatt.com.au/