Steels Creek Road 2021

Highly Commended
  • Artist: Margaret McLoughlin
  • Medium: Oil on linen
  • Artwork size unframed (mm): 825 x 1020
  • Price: NFS

This scene is one we walk past regularly, in beautiful Yarra Glen. It was early autumn, with long shadows cast in the morning light. Light is an element that captivates me at present, as it appears in the sky and its effect on all within its sphere. Colour and texture are also significant to the theme, suggesting that there is a variety of life in our valley. My approach is to build up the light and textures through infinite layers of thin paint, then scratching through these to reveal the history beneath each one, until it meets with approval.

Judge’s Comment:
A real escapist paradise! The contrast of shadow and light are truly breathtaking – I feel as though I’m there in the scene, breathing in the fresh country air. The palette is really exciting – it’s wonderful to see a work that truly reflects the sheer amount of green in nature!